Sunday’s action on the track was fierce but off the track it was harrowing.

Belarusian 100/200m runner Krystina Tsihanouskaya is currently seeking asylum after being escorted to the Tokyo Airport by members of the Belarus Athletics Federation.

This coming after Tsihanouskaya criticized being added to the mixed relay without being consulted prior to her addition.

“And the coach added me to the relay without my knowledge. I spoke about this publicly. The head coach came over to me and said there had been an order from above to remove me.” — Tsihanouskaya told Rueters on Sunday.

All eyes were on the Track & Field world this weekend, as Seattle Seahawks’ Wide Receiver DK Metcalf answered USATF’s call. Pre-race speculation (included in last week’s notebook) would see him run anywhere from 9.8 — his top speed during his famous touchdown saving tackle last season — to 10.8 — speculation that lack of preparedness and general block technique would hinder his ability to start. To DK Metcalf’s credit, he didn’t show up to be a media circus, it was clear that he has respect for the fellow sprinters he lined up against. …

This was always going to be a season of intrigue, from uncertainty surrounding Tokyo to severely limited travel impacting the typical European circuit. However, the past 7 days has seen Poland lead the podium count as the World Relays host nation and DK Metcalf announcing his intention to qualify for the USATF Olympic Trials.

Poland Relish In An Opportunity

World Relays is typically an event that showcases the Jamaica/USA sprints rivalry, but in a world where teams from USA, Jamaica, Canada, Russia, Australia and China, are unable to travel internationally there was always a question of who would step up into that vacated space.


The past year has been a virtual minefield for collegiate Track & Field programs. It is in that minefield where grass roots activists, like Russell Dinkins, work tirelessly to dodge and uproot the arguments used to justify cutting non-revenue sports.

This has become an all too familiar narrative: AD puts out a press release (sometimes before telling the coaches and athletes), after initial backlash the school will cite budget cuts or Title IX compliance, after continued outrage the school will go silent and eventually the noise will soften.

This is where the #SaveClemsonXCTF movement feels like a momentous step towards…

Michael Capiraso became CEO of NYRR in 2015 but his leadership has recently come under fire by a group of NYRR employees for cultivating a toxic culture and failing to address diversity concerns within the organization. NYRR’s outward facing media may describe a diverse community and diverse viewpoints but a group of current and former NYRR employees claim this is yet another example of performative allyship in our community.

NYRR is responsible for the world’s largest marathon — NYC Marathon — and employees allege that the growth of the marathon has taken precedent over NYRR’s original mission statement. NYRR’s current…

Have we ever seen someone like Donavan Brazier?

The 23 year old 800m phenom hasn’t lost a race since July 9th 2019 and hasn’t lost an 800m race since May 3rd 2019’s Doha meeting in which he finished 3rd… that’s 16 straight wins across all meets.

Remember when Alan Webb won a Diamond League 1500? or when Nick Symmonds became a 2x Diamond League event winner in 2013? We collectively lost our minds, I can still replay the Alan Webb victory in my head to this day.

However, when Donavan Brazier wins the first 2 Diamond League 800m events held…

US Track & Field has been in a holding pattern since March, meets have been cancelled while athletes and race directors have been left in limbo. This sport as a profession feels like it is hanging on by a thread at times and talking to meet directors about any sort of “return to racing” protocol really highlights those concerns.

Enter Music City Distance Carnival, usually the host of USA bests and Olympic qualifiers, MCDC will now be the test subject for T&F viability during the US’s botched Pandemic response. …

Athletics have long been a platform for BIPOC to make an impact in the face of discrimination and criticism for simply using their voice to speak to their human experience. From Jesse Owens’ performance at the 1936 Berlin Olympics that “single-handedly crushed Hitler’s myth of Aryan supremacy”

To Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ “Human Rights’ salute” in 1968

The University of Akron announced last week that it would be cutting Men’s Cross Country along with other programs as cost cutting measures due to COVID related loss of revenues. This seems to be an indicator that MAC sports are in a load of trouble, yesterday Central Michigan University followed in Akron’s footsteps by announcing the dissolution of their Men’s Track and Field Programs.

These cuts are being framed as a response to the global pandemic but when you look at the fiscal figures it becomes clear that these cuts are a last ditch effort to float football programs that…

Longtime Adidas athlete Nick Willis teased a very important announcement today. The speculation predicting that Willis would be announcing his retirement after a 20 year career that includes — 6x New Zealand 1500m Champion, 3x World Athletics Outdoor Medalist, World Athletics Indoor Medalist, and many wins accross the world.

That speculation was wrong however.. well mostly wrong.

Nick Willis announced that he is finishing his career with Adidas and is turning “amatuer” by accepting a job with Tracksmith.

Tracksmith absolutely nailed this announcement by also announcing that Mary Cain had also accepted a job.

The Mary Cain announcement confirms that…

Justin Horneker

USATF Running Coach - Track & Field Journalist - 'Running Through It' Podcast Host

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