Evaluating The Kansas City Current’s Draft Strategy, Huw Williams Still At The Wheel.

Justin Horneker
4 min readDec 20, 2021

It was a long day on Paramount but after the dust of the 6+ hour broadcast settled, we now know how every team’s roster will shake out heading into the holidays. Some teams drafted for need, some teams drafted for position, and some teams drafted based entirely on vibes— and that is where we find the Kansas City Current.

Before we get into evaluating the picks, it is important to note that Huw Williams acknowledged the ongoing coaching search while confirming that he was firmly at the wheel for the draft. It’s in this context that we should grade Kansas City’s draft on a curve. Not only do this year’s picks have a hint of familiarity that other teams might not have tapped into, but also looking at the sentiment behind last year’s draft performance compared to how it shook out over the course of the season. Victoria Pickett turned into a regular contributor, while Kiki Pickett made huge strides on the right side of the defense — eventually being coveted by Carolina in the Sam Mewis trade.

Trust the process.

1st Round — Elyse Bennett, Forward, Washington State

Kansas City pick Elyse Bennett with potentially more talented #9’s available at draft time — however when you look more in depth into Bennett’s skillset, you can understand the logic behind the pick. While Bennett has a great skillset, it’s still hard to understand why a player projected to go late 2nd/early 3rd round would be the #7 pick in the draft. That being said, it would be unfair to Bennett if we shrugged her off as a reach.

Bennett has speed and skill down the right flank, something KC missed at times this season, especially after Michele Vasconcelos left for Spain. That speed is tough to contend with when you have an attacker as physically dominant as Bennett can be in the air, and sealing out opponents.

The knock against Bennett has been her first touch and in close finishing, but she has still…

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