NWSL’s Next Steps Include Transparency In The Firing of Orlando Pride Coaches Amanda Cromwell And Sam Greene

Justin Horneker
4 min readOct 10, 2022

The NWSL/NWSLPA joint investigation has found that Orlando Pride head coach Amanda Cromwell and assistant coach Sam Greene are to be relieved of their duties effective immediately. The investigation was looking into allegations that Cromwell, and her coaching staff, were retaliating against Orlando Pride players that they had suspected of reporting Cromwell’s actions of favoritism and verbal abuse to the league.

The story goes deeper than just a NWSL coach being abusive — I say “just” but given the current sports landscape…

Amanda Cromwell was a pillar of NCAA soccer and especially soccer in Los Angelas, becoming a founding investor for Angel City FC.

Cromwell’s 25 years of collegiate coaching reached its’ height with her 2013 NCAA title winning UCLA Bruins squad that had allowed 1 goal throughout their tournament run. Cromwell was a Soccer America Coach of The Year winner before leaving collegiate soccer to pursue coaching in the NWSL. Divesting her ownership of Angel City, Cromwell would join the Orlando Pride before being put on administrative leave by the team in June.

Cromwell lasted 13 short games in charge of the Orlando Pride after an investigation found that —

“allegations of favoritism shown by Cromwell, as well as verbal abuse from Cromwell were substantiated. The two were formally warned after some the allegations were substantiated. Cromwell was also informed she had to undergo leadership training.”

The investigation began in March before Cromwell had even coached a competitive game for Orlando — 25 years of NCAA coaching legacy and she lasted just 3 months with professional athletes.

Sydney Leroux played for Cromwell at UCLA and during Cromwell’s short tenure in Orlando. Leroux was traded to Angel City in June but has…

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