Rana Reider Is Under SafeSport Investigation, Why Was He In Eugene?

Justin Horneker
3 min readJul 21, 2022

Rana Reider entered the sparkling new Hayward Field complex without proper credentials. He kept a low profile hoping against hopes that he would be able to stand trackside as his athletes — Trayvon Bromell and Marvin Bracey — attempted to add to Tumbleweed Track Club’s medal haul. However, that lack of accreditation wasn’t the cause of poor logistics from World Athletics. It was a mandate from the US Center for Safe Sport.

Reider has been under investigation by Safesport for alleged reoccurring incidence of sexual misconduct, and is not allowed to coach his athletes in person during the ongoing investigation.

So, while the US safe sport allegations remain sealed due to the active investigation, it had been reported that Reider was investigated by UK Athletics for his involvement with an 18 year old athlete during his time with the organization before his sudden departure in 2014. Without speculating too much into hearsay, these multiple allegations paint a story of a coach who is not used to being out of control of his own situation.

That’s when the incident with security occurred, according to World Athletics, “Event security discovered a unaccredited person in the athlete warm‑up area, he was asked to leave, and he refused. Police were immediately notified and went to remove him from the venue. When he observed police officers approaching him, he left the venue. Outside the venue, he was stopped by police and advised that if he returned to the venue he would be arrested for trespassing.”

Set the scene to Sean Ingle and Matt Lawton of ‘The Guardian’ approaching Reider outside of Hayward.

As Ingle and Lawton approached him about the alleged confrontation with security he responded, “Get the fuck away from me”, before admitting to the pair that he was, indeed, seen inside the stadium.

This is an important distinction because according to Safesport’s Rule Code ineligibility while under investigation is described as, “Ineligibility to participate until further notice, in any capacity, in any program, activity, Event, or competition sponsored by, organized by, or under the auspices of the…



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