Running Through The Shanghai Diamond League Meeting

Justin Horneker
4 min readMay 18, 2019

The season is still early but that doesn’t mean there weren’t big-time showdowns in today’s Diamond League Meeting from Shanghai. Let’s just dive in and take this race by race.

On The Track

Men’s 400m Hurdles

Samba and Rai Benjamin and the 2 names of note here. Samba takes the 400m Hurdles with an unreal final gear over the last 50 meters vs Rai… and I haven’t even finished my coffee yet.

Men’s 5000m

This Field is STACKED.

2:00 in and everyone is very strung out; although that won’t last forever but Paul Chelimo was game early, through 1500m in 4:00.

Now we see Barega to the front as the pack bunched up behind him… a bit of an impatient move; wouldn’t you know Kejelcha is there too.

After a 2:42 last K the field performs a mutiny on Barega — Kimeli in the lead but everyone’s still there with 600m to go.

Kejelcha with a 53-second last lap followed by Barega and Gebrihwet; Kejelcha just too much for Barega over the final 100m — 13.04.16 in a world lead.

Ultimately, you might have expected more out of this stacked of a field but with Kejelcha never opting to take the lead the field let it slow too much in the middle laps, Barega took the lead in what looked like an impatient move but never really pushed the pace as that was the slowest K of the race.

Women’s 400m AKA Syd The Kid debut

Naser goes to the lead and stays there but McLaughlin was very close to upsetting her — if it’s a 410-meter race it’s a debut win. 50.65 for Naser with Syd in 50.78. This is an incredible result for Sydney, Nasar was anything but beatable last year and McLaughlin took her to the wire in her off race.

IAAF: “We have to drop the 5000m from Diamond League events because it makes the meet drag on and it doesn’t run smoothly”

Also IAAF: “Here’s a non-sanctioned 200-meter race 45 minutes into the meet”



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